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Fuzzy L0g1c?

2014-06-21 00:45:14 by Fuzzy-L0g1c

I just thought I'd explain what my username/artist name means:

So basically, fuzzy logic is a different way to compute things. Regular computers run on the binary system (1s and 0s) in order to compute things. Fuzzy logic is different because it doesn't use 1s or 0s, it uses numbers in between. Some people think this is closer to how our brains work. 

I don't understand it at all, but I saw that you could replace the 'o' and 'i' in 'Logic' with '0' and '1', the two numbers of the binary system. I thought that was pretty neat so I stuck with it.

I got NI's Massive!

2014-05-18 16:37:23 by Fuzzy-L0g1c

I've been searching for a good plugin and decided to get Massive by Native Instruments. I really enjoyed the demo of it and it seems exactly like what I've been looking for. Expect the quality of my sytnths to be better as I unlock the secretssss of this powerfullll VST.

Looking for a solid plugin

2014-05-03 10:34:44 by Fuzzy-L0g1c


Thanks to everyone who has listened to my music so far. Your feedback and comments have been very helpful!

Right now, I'm trying to find a solid plugin that comes with good presets and can make many different sounds. I've been switching between plugins and I think if I can master one my music will be much better. I have looked around a lot but all of the popular plugins (Nexus2, Sylenth, Massive, etc.) advertise themselves as THE best plugin. Any reccomendations would be very helpful!

New Artist Name

2014-03-25 00:21:29 by Fuzzy-L0g1c

New Artist Name and banner! Let me know what you think.